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Dear Customer,

At OneLuxeImmo, we are committed to offering an exceptional quality ad publication service in order to satisfy potential buyers as much as possible. We have decided to revolutionize the field of real estate advertising, particularly in what constitutes an unprecedented approach in the distribution of advertisements. We have made a fundamental decision: to publish only ONE PRODUCT (one ad), Owners or Professionals regardless of the type of mandate of the professional (whether simple, semi-exclusive or exclusive).
This means that if you have, for example, 3 PROPERTIES IN SINGLE MANDATES, YOU will benefit from EXCLUSIVE AND PRIVILEGED treatment over YOUR COMPETITORS. OTHER PROFESSIONALS as well as the OWNER CANNOT PUBLISH THIS PROPERTY on our website oneluxeimmo.com. This rule applies to all our ad packs.

Please note that we apply the principle of “First come, First served”, which is valid at the time of the effective signature of the order form and the first payment.
Thus, other agencies having the same property for sale (in simple mandate) will not be able to publish it on the oneluxeimmo.com website.
This rule also applies to the owner who will not be able to advertise his property on oneluxeimmo.com.

If a competing agency validates the order form for the same property on the same day as you, it is the validation of the 1st payment that will give absolute priority for exclusive distribution on oneluxeimmo.com.


Moreover, as you will have understood, obtaining an exclusive distribution of your properties in SIMPLE MANDATE on OneLuxeImmo will allow you to discuss with your landlord and justify the reconsideration of the terms of the mandate.

Indeed, you will be able to offer your owner a new way to showcase his property (video production + advertisement) and thus give you the opportunity to find him a buyer.

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